Ahoy Travel Bug !

Welcome to The Indian Backpack!

Hi, I’m Aditya Tyagi! Firstly a big Thank You for stopping by on this blog. If you are here then you probably are curious to know more about me. I am a lost engineer-in-making who loves to travel. I believe there’s more to travelling than just collecting endless pictures and that’s about having those amazing experiences. Those amazing experiences of unbelievable sunsets, or jaw dropping views of the Himalayas.

I love outdoors and hence I am always in search of outdoor adventures and hikes. I have been taking travel pictures since I was 12 and the journey from a simple point and shoot camera to a DSLR has been amazing.

Travelling is something which keeps me sane and makes me appreciate the little things and moments that matter the most. You can also find me on social media:

Facebook: /theindianbackpack

Instagram: @theindianbackpack

I hope this blog helps you plan your trips better and in a more economical way. My aim will always be to inspire you to take the step outside and get out of your comfort zone.